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Recently I've been pushing myself to create something unique. When I mentioned this concept  of cars and yoga to friends and acquaintances I received many positive comments. On the other hand it did raise a few eye brows and other photographers went as far as to question me why I would put the two subjects together. The simple answer was, "Why not?". I love shooting cars, you can never go wrong with shooting automotive. I love shooting yoga and dance just as much because there is something about the movement itself that inspires me. The power of a car and the power of the human body fascinates me so I wanted to put the two together and create something special. This shoot alone has inspired me for so many other concepts as well as working with more cars and their drivers and yogis and dancers.

Nicole, my model was incredibly eager to work with me on this shoot. Wes, the owner of the Evo  was also quick to volunteer. I feel very blessed and am so thankful to have worked with such a wonderful team. I appreciate their energy to let me experiment with my creativity through them.

If you like this set please comment below and let me know what you think!


Finnegan is the South Sky studio dog and stance dog is always there to put a smile on every face and makes sure that every session is all play and no work. At the end of the session I tried to snap a couple of shots of the dapper pup with the Evo. Finn was more concerned getting pets and playing tag.


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