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Consider the Crow; Regard the Magpie (mature content)

The crow and magpie have been an omen, an illusion, and a sign of transformation. They are signs of magic and great intellect. I chose the wings of these two birds specifically to share my vision, paired with a beautiful woman to bring the image of light and darkness to life. Both of theses birds are significant because they symbolize creative expression, something that I believe most of us, as we grow older, have forgotten.

I remember wanting to be an artist when I was younger. I wanted to write and take photographs and draw. My dream job was to work for National Geographic. My parents meant well but they discouraged me from following my dream, reminding me that journalism and photography jobs didn't pay very well and I should find something more suitable to pursue. I switched my major from Journalism to Business and forgot about my camera for so long it quite literally collected dust.

It has been within the last few years that I decided I would do what I wanted because I enjoyed it. Not because anyone expected it of me or what sort of income it would bring me; only that it simply made me happy. I started South Sky not only to share my passion and my vision but to help other people share theirs. There are so many creatives in our world that I believe deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments and for simply being who they are. Whether they've painted, built a car, danced, or sang, every person has left an impression on this earth. They've created something all their own and it means everything to help share who they are and the traces they're leaving behind.

During the Fall I went to a party where there were as many children as adults. I was tired and took to watching my boyfriend's niece, coloring with her and praising the other kids on their drawings. One girl, she was about 8, lit up when I told her I liked her drawing of a Pegasus. "I want to be an artist when I grow up," she said with a grin. And then just as quick as she smiled she frowned and scribbled over the horse. "But my daddy says that I need a real job. Drawing pictures is for kids, not for someone who wants a living." She sighed and gave me a sad smile. "I'll be a dentist instead." It broke my heart that someone could snuff out a child's dreams so early on. I smiled and told her, "You know, you could do both? Respect your father but if you want to be an artist when you grow up, be an artist. Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do something. Do what you love, do what makes you happy." She looked at me for a few seconds, then back down at her drawing and smiled and said quietly, like it was a secret, "Thank you."

Perhaps it wasn't my place to go behind her father's back but I couldn't help it. Everyone needs encouragement and everyone deserves to have their dreams uplifted. Consider the crow and regard the magpie for the opportunities they represent.

*Special thanks to model Anna and makeup artist Elizabeth Ricci for being so wonderful to be a part of this shoot.*


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Brett Benowitz in Charles Town


Brett Benowitz, a singer-songwriter and actor from New York City came to Charleston as a featured guest performer in The Charleston Christmas Special at the Charleston Music Hall during the month of December. I had the pleasure of working with him before one of his nightly performances and hear some of his cool tunes while we worked. Brett was charming and easy to speak with while we collaborated, having all of the patience and eagerness in the world whenever I suggested various poses or ideas.

Brett's music is funky and soulful from mellow ballads to bluesy rock jams and his vocal chops are most often compared to that of Jeff Buckley's. His main influences are The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and John Lennon. He is thankful that his passion for music and theatre has led him to a successful career as an artist and hopes to one day give back as a humanitarian and philanthropist. 


Brett first performed his original music in bars and clubs in Israel with his guitar duo band Lechem v’Dagan (Bread and Grain) when he studied abroad in 2009. When he returned to The University of Georgia, he continued to perform at college bars and recorded/produced his first self-titled album dedicated to the loving memory of his late grandmother, Betty Benowitz. After graduating with a degree in theatre in 2011, Brett moved to NYC to pursue acting and music. He has since recorded five albums, toured the US in theatrical productions as well as his own music, and performed all over the city in off broadway productions and in classic NYC rock venues such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, Arlene’s Grocery, and The Cutting Room. 


Now, Brett has recently released his greatest work to date titled “Burn To Glow” a nine song concept album recorded at Dubway Studios in NYC. You can download the album on Apple Music: and Spotify: You can watch his latest music video “Lamb” here: Follow Brett on Instagram @brettbenowitz, Facebook @brettbenowitzmusic, and visit his website to join his mailing list:


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Power Recently I've been pushing myself to create something unique. When I mentioned this concept  of cars and yoga to friends and acquaintances I received many positive comments. On the other hand it did raise a few eye brows and other photographers went as far as to question me why I would put the two subjects together. The simple answer was, "Why not?". I love shooting cars, you can never go wrong with shooting automotive. I love shooting yoga and dance just as much because there is something about the movement itself that inspires me. The power of a car and the power of the human body fascinates me so I wanted to put the two together and create something special. This shoot alone has inspired me for so many other concepts as well as working with more cars and their drivers and yogis and dancers.

Nicole, my model was incredibly eager to work with me on this shoot. Wes, the owner of the Evo  was also quick to volunteer. I feel very blessed and am so thankful to have worked with such a wonderful team. I appreciate their energy to let me experiment with my creativity through them.

If you like this set please comment below and let me know what you think!


Finnegan is the South Sky studio dog and stance dog is always there to put a smile on every face and makes sure that every session is all play and no work. At the end of the session I tried to snap a couple of shots of the dapper pup with the Evo. Finn was more concerned getting pets and playing tag.

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Goodbye Summer My final shoot to wave goodbye to Summer came together with the help of fellow photographer, Lindsey O. I've worked with her previously some two years ago and was very happy to have another opportunity to work with such a talented young woman. Lindsey was such a great fit for this because while I had the wetsuit, she had the mask and fins for when she free dives. She's always so wonderful to work with and such an inspiration! 

Hurricane Irma came through a few weeks before the shoot. I was very excited to see that the beach suffered little damage and we were still able to get all of the shots I had in mind.

Let me know if you liked this photo set by commenting below!

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Home Sweet Ocean

Home is where the heart is and if you're from South Carolina that home is probably at one of our beautiful beaches.  I've always had a love for the ocean and taking photos in the water just made sense to me. Home Sweet Ocean is a take on "home is where the heart is" and that's usually with your significant other. The project seemed like a great idea because it brought two things I'm very passionate about together: the ocean and couples in love. These sessions have turned into so much more than just taking photos and it has been a truly humbling experience.

Couples have reached out to me who are afraid of the ocean, concerned that they're not the "model type" or simply hate the idea of getting their clothes wet and sandy. It is a blessing to be apart of a moment in someone's life where they can step outside of their comfort zone, try something new, and have an absolute blast with it. There is no need to fear the ocean when you have your significant other standing there beside you to catch you if you fall. There is no model type because you are absolutely beautiful! The only type I want in my photos are two people who are absolutely smitten with each other. And getting your clothes wet is the most fun part of all!

When the first initial waves hit is when I've gotten some of the best photos because their expressions are candid and it is funny and exciting to see people at their most vulnerable; when their nervousness becomes laughter.

Home Sweet Ocean can be booked for a special price during the month of August but be prepared for rates to go up starting in September. Because I have been working with so many people for these beautiful shoots I will continue to add images to this post with each couple. Check back weekly for new faces and new waves!

If you're interested in booking your own Home Sweet Ocean shoot please e-mail me at: These photo sessions are perfect for engagement, save the date, or just because you want to try something different with your significant other. Please join me in capturing a very unique experience that you won't find anywhere else on the east coast. I promise it will be lots of fun!

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When I first came across Mimi I was undeniably shy about asking her to work with me. I've always thought she was incredibly striking and the thought continued to cross my mind that if I ever did ask her to shoot- why would she want to work with me? Eventually, after years of stalling, I got up the courage and she pleasantly responded with "Yes".

She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever photographed and had the pleasure of meeting. She was a natural in front of the camera and moved in the water like she was a Siren. Her unique character, look, and grace is really moving and I cannot wait to work with her again.


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Fort Dorchester Proposal It's always an exciting time for me when I get to work with one of my friends or close acquaintances. I've known Ben for almost a year now after meeting him at an open mic he and my boyfriend were performing at. I remember then how he talked about wanting to propose to his girlfriend. I'm very happy that he chose me to capture such a beautiful moment with an incredibly beautiful lady! Ben and Iman make a beautiful couple and I offer them my highest congratulations and blessings in their next step through life.  Feel free to comment below to wish your congratulations or to share your thoughts on the set!




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Patritti Widebody R8

Karl Troy was born in Salzburg, Austria, where at the age of 4 he told his mom he wanted to be a race car driver when he grew up. At the age of 14 he graduated high school and started an apprenticeship with a VW Porsche Audi dealer in Vienna. At the age of 16/17, hardly knowing any English he moved to the US and went back to high school to learn the language and prepare himself for college. After graduating a second time, he decided against college and made the decision to pursue his real passion; working on cars.

At 19 he started working on $800,000 Porsche 962 race cars. In 1986 his team became the world champions. 20 years later Karl won his first National Championship; and in 2007 won his second one. In total he has had 38 race wins and made seven track records in 3 years. In 1990 Karl started European Road & Racing in what was a little hole in the wall industrial park. The shop had no toilet, no water, no lift, and no air tools for 2 ½ years. With a family to support at the age of 24, Karl didn’t let any of that stop him and continued thriving.

Karl has owned a number of super cars and having just sold his Lamborghini Murcielago wasn’t sure what he should get next that would be affordable and cool. He mentioned it to his wife and she said, “You’ve never owned an R8 before” and the search began. V8s were affordable but too low on power for his taste and the V10s were pretty pricey.

He found the 2014 R8 V10 Plus on eBay out in California. He made several offers over the weekend and with no reply for the seller he eventually clicked “Buy It Now” (afraid he would lose this beauty). Two weeks later, after the first driver fell through, the car was brought across country.

As much as the R8 is a supercar, it was missing something. Even with it being a beautiful car in its stock state it was too “normal” for Karl’s taste and it needed something that would separate it from all the other R8s. Karl spoke with old friend, Patrick Patritti, who he met during a 12hr race at Sebring International Raceway in 1991, to discuss various options with the car.  He bought a wide body kit off eBay that he hoped they could modify that turned out to be absolute garbage and a waste of several thousands of dollars.

After a year of the R8 being in Patritti’s care the car was finally complete with a one of a kind design and build. It was finished just shy of The European Experience 2017 where the car was expected to make its big debut. “The wait was absolutely worth it. The car couldn’t be more stunning and turns (spins) heads wherever I go. An absolute marvel- thank you Patrick!” Currently the car only makes 580hp which should be enough for most mortals but Karl isn’t one of them. He hopes to add a supercharger or twinturbo in the future.

This is the first of two shoots this car will be featured in. This particular feature was captured to highlight not only this amazing car, but the man behind the wheel. I hope you can enjoy the series and are as eager to see the second series as much as I am to finish it!

]]> (SOUTH SKY PHOTOGRAPHY) & all black everything allison paige audi auto automotive automotive photographer automotive photography charleston charleston photography err euro european european road and racing import lm street lms luxury patritti patritti r8 quicksilver r8 race car race car driver racing" road south carolina south carolina photography south sky south sky photography sports car Wed, 12 Jul 2017 16:47:46 GMT
Golden Girl After putting photography on the back burner for awhile I thought it would be a good idea to get in touch with some of my old roots- surf photography. While taking portraits isn't the same as capturing action shots, I thought it would be a good idea to blend what I had shot in the past and what my main focus is today. It was important that I work with a real surfer versus a model posing with a board. I wanted the shots to be real- believable

Melissa was more than eager to get up with me at sunrise to tackle the shoot. She was very candid and working with her made the hour we had together fly by.

Initially, I had zero plans to get in the ocean; I wasn't going to destroy my reliable camera. But every shot we got was killer and I knew I couldn't resist going into the water. I risked my equipment to get those perfect shots of the waves breaking around Melissa and I have to say it was entirely worth it! This shoot is my favorite of the year so far. I've never taken a set of photos that made me so happy and that give off that "free" vibe.

I hope you can enjoy this set. Please comment below and let me know what you think!



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Beginners Only Melissa expressed that she hadn't done many shoots before working with me so she wasn't sure what to do. She was an absolute natural and was so fluid with her movements. She needed very little direction; something that always makes me happy. We shot at one of my favorite little spots in Charleston around sunset. (If you don't already know this about me the golden hour is my favorite hour to shoot!)

Working with Melissa gave me the opportunity to experiment on a new shooting and editing style. The photos are darker and are more moody that what I have shot in the past and I'm content with the way they turned out. Melissa was a wonderful subject and she helped me bring my vision to life!

I hope you all can enjoy our little set we put together. Comment below and let me know what you like about the set!





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Nectar: The Sweet Life I came across Nectar last Fall during a live performance by a really amazing DJ/violinist duo. Under their setup was the skull, pineapple, and anchor Nectar flag. They were sporting some of the coolest shades with the same Nectar logo on the sides so I made a mental note to look them up after a long night of partying. Nectar's message of being yourself and not conforming to what people expect, to the norm, caught me and I dug a little deeper. They have a beautiful message, and a beautiful cause, and strive to motivate individuals to experience this amazing life. I knew immediately that I had to work with this company and share their story and brand with the rest of the world.

Nectar was founded in 2012 by two friends, Dylan and Sean, out of Atlanta. They were best friends growing up in high school and both had a passion for action sports and doing epic shit. Their love for this environment translated into the eyewear brand that Nectar is today. Dylan started off selling eyewear in college and expanded from there. “No one else was doing the action sport product and it seemed like a great idea. I already knew people loved the product.” Dylan’s biggest influence growing up was Von Zipper and he has since implemented his own style into the brand and stayed true to himself.

Up North, nectar meant cool. They lived the sweet life and wanted to connect with other enthusiasts. They wanted to do something a normal eyewear company wasn’t doing; something epic. Last year Nectar partnered up with The Bee Cause and they have purchased over "400,000 bees" to spread out over North America. Saving bees saves the world and what’s more epic than saving the world? Every purchase sends donations to The Bee Cause.

The first pair of sunglasses they released was a Wayfarer style. They started selling them in different color combinations with custom features such as: different arms, frames, and lens colors.  You could have pretty much anything you wanted. What they thought was a great sales point ended up being a total nightmare. “We would be sold out of a certain color and have too many of another.”

They’ve refined their styles over time and implemented all of their personal experiences. With every craft and niche there is always room for improvement which Nectar works on every day. Even as you’re reading this the team is innovating and creating new unique products. They’re the first to come out with the Radioactive Series where each piece is a work of art; hydro dipped to ensure that each frame is one of a kind. They even glow under black lights!

The team has gone above and beyond making specialty sunglasses for growers, coders, and even glassblowers that should be released at the end of the year.  I myself own a pair of their Blue Light glasses. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to get them with as much time as I spend on the computer at work and coming home to edit photos. (They work excellent!) Nectar’s shades work and they’re stylish. Dylan’s personal favorite is the Harvey model because to him: “They’re pretty dope and I look damn good in them.”

Everything Nectar promotes they do! “I think that’s key when you have a brand. You need to have transparency and you don’t want to promote an image you don’t life.”

Nectar has big plans for the future. Their goal is to continue to expand into other product categories and to become globally recognized. They also want to have a national party tour. “We’re really good at throwing parties,” Dylan laughed. “We’re actually throwing a big one on June 24th at the Windjammer on Isle of Palms. The goal is to get 500 people to come out.” They want to keep the parties in key cities across North America. “As we get older we still have to be cool. We can’t party like we use to.”

Be sure to swing by NECTAR, pick out a few shades and help save the world. We hope to see you on June 24th at the Windjammer between 1:00 – 9:00PM for the first Nectar party!



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Urban Streetflow I had another opportunity to work with Delaney. I love working with her because you really cannot get a bad shot. She's an absolute brilliant model with a fresh, sweet demeanor. I shared an idea with her that she was more than willing to participate in. I wanted to get some images of her in her element while out and about in the city. I enjoyed the session so much that I hope to work with more individuals to expand on this concept. Here are just a few of my favorite images I captured.

If you like the set please comment below!


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Heather & Scott's Maternity I had been wanting to work with Heather for what seemed like years but the opportunity never arose. While still building my maternity portfolio her and her man, Scott, just so happened to be expecting. I was ecstatic and knew I had to shoot her. Shooting on the grounds of Ashley River Lumber had also been on my to-do list but I couldn't find the right time to contact them or subject to work with. Everything fell together when I met with Heather and told her my idea of wanting to shoot at the lumbar yard. I contacted Vice President, Andrew, of ARL immediately and he graciously agreed to allow us to shoot on the property.

I toured the grounds with Andrew and he informed me that one of the scenes out of The Notebook had been shot at this very place. I knew Heather would be just as excited as I was and it really was a special moment being about to work on the grounds where a favorite film of mine had been shot.

All in all, I'm incredibly happy with the way the images turned out and incredibly blessed and grateful that everything came together so smoothly. I hope you all will enjoy the photos from this session as much as I have. And again, a very special thanks to Ashley River Lumbar for all that they did. They have a beautiful location full of so much character and inspiration. I hope to work with everyone involved in the near future again.

Congratulations Heather and Scott!


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Good Morning Valentine

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to shoot a wonderful couple. O'shay and KC were the picture perfect match and were great to work with! I had high hopes that it would have been sunny and we could have caught the last strands of the sunrise but the clouds moved in and it was overcast and chilly. The images turned out better than I could have hoped and I'm happy that the weather turned out the way it did. The grey was a lovely contrast and really highlighted the beautiful connection between them.

I hope you can enjoy this mini session on such a beautiful Valentine's Day!


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Import Bible Import Bible first caught my attention when I saw a girl sporting their Demon Datsun shirt in a random video on Youtube. Yeah. How did that happen? To be honest, I can't even remember which video it was, but I saw it and had to have it! After a lot of searching I finally found out who had made the purple tank top. I skimmed through the rest their products and instantly wanted to know more about the brand. Their designs are unique and a breath of fresh air compared to other brands catering to car lovers. I emailed owner and founder David Nguyen within days and crossed my fingers for some kind of response about working together for a collaboration. After a few exchanges he sent me three shirts, one of which being "SIX", featuring an Evo and a shirt I had been debating to purchase myself. I was excited to pair models with the shirts and set to work immediately.


 Import Bible is an automotive inspired street wear brand focusing on making high-quality badass goods. The idea came from starting up a bible for import car enthusiasts which quickly proved to be too much work and the idea was scrapped. T-shirts were created as a way to fund the project. "The business grew slowly in the beginning but has continually grown to a point where it has taken all of my free time. We have a strong following all over the world!" says Nguyen.


]]> (SOUTH SKY PHOTOGRAPHY) #southsky #southskyphoto #southskyphotography allison paige automotive automotive photographer bible brand charleston charleston artist charleston photographer east coast east coast photographer evo evo vi import import bible keep it 100 model photo shoot photography portrait portrait photographer product photographer south carolina photographer south sky south sky photography sunset Wed, 30 Nov 2016 16:08:20 GMT
Good Morning Baby I woke up early Saturday morning, the sun not yet peaking over the tops of the buildings. I looked at the clock and groaned as I saw it was 5AM. I had worked with Jerri in the past when she modeled for me for a clothing line. I was excited to shoot her again now that she was due with a baby boy. As tired as I was I knew shooting at sunrise with her was going to be absolutely perfect. I wasn't disappointed. Her natural beauty and soft features were lovely in the morning light. Although I had read the tides incorrectly, shooting at high tide worked to our benefit. Once the water lapped at our feet a few times it wasn't so cold; not as cold as the harsh Fall wind that would blow up from the sea.

I could have shot Jerri for hours but knew we were both running out of time. I'm incredibly excited about this set and how beautifully they turned out. I hope you'll agree with me and leave a comment below to let me know what you think. Most importantly, let's not forget to congratulate this new mama!

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Tarmac Apparel Tarmac Apparel has been taking Charleston by storm. What was a handful of people has now turned into a small group of loyal followers and supports. Men and women representing their brand through shirts and decals slapped on cars ranging from a Genesis to the majestic RX-7. From the brief experiences I've had with their supporters it was obvious that the community was something special.  In 2013, Owner Eric Fletcher and Co-Founder Daniel Kiser put their project together in Central Virginia, just outside of Charlottesville. Although Eric commented that without everyone else contributing they would be nothing. "Daniel is the lead photographer, and primary consultant. Tremond McCollum has been a huge part of our success as head of video and social media with assistance from Preston Rhaner. Nick Stentiford, (previously featured in his own article here on South Sky,) is our South Eastern Rep and Vinni Hults our West Coast Rep. And there are many more that believe in our cause and dedicate their time and assistance to our success."

Tarmac started as a grassroots clothing and apparel brand for the automotive and motorsports enthusiast. In today's clothing market, virtually every lifestyle is represented, in what is an ever expanding market place. Tarmac felt that the car life that they so strongly identified with, was unrepresented. "We wanted to create a brand identity that, when seen, immediately identifies it's owner as someone that loves cars and motorsports, " says Owner Eric Fletcher. "We're trying to do that, not through conventional advertising, pasting our name in your face on TV, radio, or in magazines. But by supporting the automotive community. By sponsoring and attending events and being a presence at both park-and-pose events, as well as, track events." By sponsoring and supporting the grit in the garage builds and the men and women that race, be it autocross, other SCCA divisions or competitive drifting in the various leagues, Tarmac has raised the bar.

Their primary brand identifying stencil logo is still a top favorite. "We worked for months on developing design concepts for our logo and the stencil design just resonated. When you see something stenciled, you think heavy equipment and military cargo, you just know what you're looking at is here for a purpose and means to get things done. I can't think of a better way to describe the vehicles our logo adorns these days." Their High Heels and Dope wheels is another shirt that stands out from the crowd. It was originally revealed with their third release. It was important for Tarmac to make sure all female enthusiasts, builders, drivers, and racer know that Tarmac was for them too. "Because the car community is largely composed of men, women are often ignored when it comes to products and marketing. We wanted to be clear right up front that we are developing specifically for women and including the female demographic in our company strategy right from the start. They won't have to ask for it."

If you see a Tarmac product, you know you've just seen someone who loves cars. "You can approach the person wearing Tarmac and know you have a common interest, a common passion." The team encourages other enthusiasts unfamiliar with the brand to approach them and ask that person, "What do you drive?" And an hour later you've made a new friend. "We feel that there is a community, a community we're apart of , that is under-represented. So we're here to represent! We hope you represent too."

Tarmac hope to continue their slow and steady growth path they've set out on by continuing to forge relationships with builders, racers, artists, and event coordinators and generally support this community that has been so great in supporting them. Sponsoring events, builds, and track vehicles is a big part of that trajectory now. "We also plan to give back to the community by supporting automotive tech programs and mechanical curriculum in the education system. We're doing that locally now and hope to expand that support nationwide as we grow. There are so many gear heads that didn't thrive in a conventional education setting but are pure genius in the garage. We hope to help those students find their way to that garage to fulfill their potential under the hood.

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Genesis: In The Beginning I had the chance to shoot Karrlee Limehouse's 2010 2.0T Premium Genesis a little over a year ago. As much as I enjoyed the shoot and the photos, I knew that work wasn't my best. I still had a lot to learn but Karrlee was one of the few who took a chance on me and put her car in front of my lens. I had looked over the photos not too long ago and mumbled to myself that I really needed to edit them again. But it just so happened, Karrlee made a few more customizations and needed updated photos. I was ecstatic to have another opportunity to work with her!

Karrlee came across the Genesis in 2012 after trading in her Jeep compass that she absolutely hated. There were few Geneses in the area and knowing they had a large modification platform, a few test drives later, she had to have it! Her first modifications were to change out her badge to the Genesis Wing emblems and a new set of wheels. "I've built my car for show, so I haven't done any big performance modifications."  The entire Genesis was built on a strict budget. "Almost every aftermarket part on my car is used, but you'd never be able to tell. My headlights are custom built by a local company, JDM Motorsports (currently Karrlee's only sponsor). It's taken me four years to get my car where it is now. I've had lots of help with my car and couldn't have done it without the help of my friends."

Karrlee is the co-founder of a local KDM group, Charleston KDM. "A friend and I started Charleston KDM to try and bring the local KDM community together. I've made so many great friends through the local KDM community!" Karrlee is also the South Carolina State Representative for Pretty Little Drivers. "PLD is an international all female car enthusiast organization. Being a state representative, I, along with a few other girls, organize events throughout the state, welcome new members into our Chapter, and show the world that there really are girls out there who love cars!"


I asked Karrlee what it was like driving her car to which she promptly responded: "I absolutely love my Genesis! It's awesome receiving compliments and seeing people's surprised reactions when they realize it's a girl's car. It's always handled well, even before I upgraded the suspension. The coilovers made a world of difference in the handling and is SO much better than stock." Karrlee's patience has certainly paid off as she builds her car one piece at a time. We're looking forward to her next moves as it seems her next step will be upgrading the interior. "I'm not built to try and be the fastest. I'm happy with my 210HP...for now."


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Louisa Several weeks ago I sat in a cafe' editing photos I was way too behind on and talking with a friend when I saw her. She was one of the prettiest redheads I had seen in Charleston and I briefly argued with myself if I should run out the door and hand her my card. As luck would have it she came into the same cafe' and sat down to enjoy the live music that was already taking place. Before my friend and I packed up our gear and headed out for the night I introduced myself and handed her my card telling her I would love to work with her. She introduced herself as Louisa.

A short week later we met up for a test shoot. Louisa was a natural and I fell in love with the images almost immediately. She had a vibrant personality as bright as her auburn hair. I hope you all can enjoy the photos as much as I have!

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